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Explore regular grammars, regular expressions, context free grammars, parsers, automata and much more in a beautiful editor right on the browser.

Regular languages

Vyaakaran makes it easy to learn, develop and test regular languages. It supports right linear grammar that gets converted to equivalent automata and regular expression. Both Epsilon and Epsilon-free NFAs are generated in the editor.

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Regular grammar in Vyaakaran

Context free languages

Context free languages are at the heart of parsers. Vyaakaran makes it possible to generate and visualize parse tables and automata from CFGs. All the common parser types — LL(1), LR(0), SLR(1), LALR(1), LR(1) are supported.

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Context free grammar in Vyaakaran

Powerful testing tools

Testing grammars are crucial when writing them. Vyaakaran can check whether a string gets accepted by a grammar, generate a set of example strings from the grammar and perform a bunch of other checks like left-recursion, unreachability, etc.

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Vyaakaran Console

Image exports

Automata visualizations created in Vyaakaran can be exported as high resolution PNG images that can be easily embedded in slides and documents.

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Browser based

Vyaakaran runs completely on the browser and does not require installation of any software on the system. All the development, compilation and testing happens on the browser and is not processed on any server.

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Easy syntax

Vyaakaran's grammar syntax is based on the syntax taught in colleges and found in various literatures. Thus, very minimal learning is required to get familiar with the Vyaakaran syntax.

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